Hello. A few years back, the guy on the right figured that he
enjoys drawing. Ever since then he has illustrated stories that
will either move you or make you laugh, sometimes both. In this
phase of his life, Nandan is exploring narratives about mental
health, self-acceptance and the community around him. Here are
a few of his milestones.

1. Releases his first self-published comic, ‘Mo, The Boy Before The Villain’. A Shakespearean tragedy of a kid who chooses hate over love and becomes India’s favourite villain — Mogambo.
2. Gets selected for Illustrators Offline - An Artist Residency at
TIFA Pune. Puts up a 2-day group exhibition with 9 other
illustrators from around the country.
3. His series ‘Rest’ is featured in a calendar with 52 other artists from around the globe. Monopo, a Creative Agency based in Tokyo, released it for the global creative community.
4. Paints murals at a community centre with Scribble Foundation, Teach for India Fellows and 30 insanely talented kids. Works with illustrators Ayesha Punjabi and Rhea Iyer.

His first group exhibition at the Coomarswamy Hall at Prince of Wales Museum, Bombay. It’s a 3-day affair with 30 other artists from
around the country.
2. Paints 13 murals at a community centre with 60 mad kids, illustrator Priya Dali, Scribble Foundation and CORP Mumbai.

Purses a Post-Graduation in Contemporary Art and Curatorial Studies from Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum in Bombay.

Right now, Nandan is on a break from his advertising job. He is getting inspired and playing with his cat, Tokio. He loves to listen about art, stand-up comedy, food, hip-hop or whatever you are into. Give him a shout-out on