the kids put on a cape (dupatta) and declared their superpower
 we saw all sorts of powers: painters, rappers, comedians, gamers
 they drew their powers and presented them to everyone
 ayesha didi broke ice with a group dance. that’s rhea didi smiling there.
 i stuck small sketches, and got to pencil the mural.
 jyotsna didi was one of the volunteers who helped me. a statistician, she has promised to start doodling again.
 salman, the shiest kid, turned out to be a maverick. he became my chief assistant. and my buddy.
 these two ladies got their photoshoot done. they were happy to see their centre transform.
 alisha didi and I couldn’t resist a photoshoot session
 it was back to work. draw, paint, details. repeat.
 teachers and fellow artists volunteered and entertained
 alisha didi was at peace. because rhea did and ayesha didi were killing it.
 gully rap kept me company
 samuel, was beaming. he approved of my murals, he said.
 ashwini didi, a typographer and rapper, joined in.
 and just like that the mural was ready
 minimal, warm and goofy
 the kids started identifying with the characters on the wall
 when sunlight kissed the room i knew it was done
 by now rhea didi and ayesha did were done too, so it was cake time
 so there we were. artists, teachers, friends who became kids once again.
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